A Simple Guide to Converting Cryptocurrencies with Changelly

Investing in AllStocks ICO requires having some Ether. If you have another cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin) in your possession, one of the easiest options to convert it to Ether is by using Changelly – an instant crypto-to-crypto exchange.

Here’s how you do it in five easy steps:

Step One

Visit Changelly website and Click on “Sign Up” at the top-right corner of the screen. Type in your email, click on the reCAPTCHA box to indicate that you’re not a bot, and then click on the “Continuing signing up” button. Please note that you can also sign up by using your Google+, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Step Two

Once you have an account, you can easily convert your crypto-coins. Simply choose the desired amount of coins that you currently hold and that you’ll like to convert on the left side, and choose ETH on the right side; Changelly will then automatically calculate how much ETH you’ll receive. Click on the “Exchange!” button.

Verify again your transfer details (you can also see the exchange rate, Changelly’s fee and estimated arrival time) and click on “Next.”

Step Three

Enter your Ethereum wallet address; this is address to which you’ll receive your Ether. Click on “Next.”

Step Four

Check that all the details are accurate as you indeed want, and click on “Confirm and make payment.”

Step Five

Now you need to transfer your current coins to Changelly so it would convert it to ETH. Copy the address you see on the screen and transfer to it your coins; alternatively, you can scan the QR code.

That’s it! Shortly after you submit your coins, your converted ETH should arrive at the Ethereum wallet address that you entered earlier.