Join Our Airdrop Campaign – 125,000 AST Tokens Giveaway!

In order to partake in our airdrop campaign, all you need to do is join our Telegram group. We encourage you to also check out our bounty campaign where you can earn even more AST tokens.


Participants can earn 4 AST tokens by simply joining the official AllStocks Telegram group with their public Telegram profiles.


1. You must remain a member of AllStocks Telegram group until the end of AllStocks ICO on June 30th.

2. Token distribution will commence after the ICO will end.

3. All participants’ applications and entries will be kept private.

4. Using multiple accounts is not allowed.


Feel free to proceed with the registration by clicking HERE. Once that’s done, join AllStocks Telegram group.

You can check your status HERE.


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