Another Copyright Claim for Bitcoin Whitepaper by a Chinese “Wei Liu”

Bitcoin Mask of Satoshi Nakamoto

Craig Wright’s fight to be recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto just got fiercer and more interesting as a new runner for the ‘position’ just popped up. A Chinese man who goes by the name Wei Liu recently filed copyright for Bitcoin White Paper as the author of the text.

The filing was made on May 24th and there have been an uproar in the crypto space since then. Who exactly is Liu and what is his connection with Satoshi? Well, we do not know that yet (or if there is any connection whatsoever), but what we do know is that filing for copyright does not, in any way, prove you as the owner of the work.

Wright has claimed on several occasions that he is, in fact, the much sought-after Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. Although he is yet to provide evidence beyond doubt that he is really the brain behind the ‘world largest cryptocurrency,’ the Australian scientist has been dishing out threats against those who dispute his claim that he’s indeed Satoshi.

Filing For Copyright on Bitcoin Does Not Mean it’s True

It will be recalled that after his filing for copyright on Bitcoin over a month ago, his spokesman in an interview told the world that the United States Copyright Office now acknowledges him as the founder of Bitcoin. That was, beyond a doubt, false. However, the price of Bitcoin SV skyrocketed within an hour of the news. It is safe to agree that many people bought into the lie.

Notwithstanding, the US Copyright Office wrote a press release to set the record straight. And in the release, the office stated clearly that it by no means recognizes Wright or anyone else as the founder of Bitcoin. In fact, the office does not reserve the right to investigate the claim of anyone who files for copyright. Furthermore, the release stated categorically that filing for copyright does not mean you are actually the author of any book or art piece, especially with a pseudonym as seen with the name on Bitcoin’s white paper.

The Copyright Office stated:

“As a general rule, when the Copyright Office receives an application for registration, the claimant certifies as to the truth of the statements made in the submitted materials. The Copyright Office does not investigate the truth of any statement made.”

Therefore, Wright and the anonymous Liu do not hold the right to be acknowledged as the founder of Bitcoin.

We do hope this Satoshi drama comes to an end real soon, with the court deciding who the real Satoshi is, or at least who is not. Until then, every copyright filing will be treated as just an unfounded claim.

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