Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Builds a Blockchain Energy-Efficiency Company in Malta

Steve Wozniak Invests in Blockchain

Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak has carried out an initiative that will be incorporating blockchain to bring more efficiency in the field of energy. At the pre-launch of Delta Summit, Malta’s leading digital innovation event, he talked about the company he co-founded with Jacobo Visetti and invested in, EFFORCE.

The company will be based on blockchain and work on bringing the level of efficiency in the field of energy. EFFORCE will be based in Malta. Applications of blockchain have been scaling to various industries. Sectors such as power and energy have also been exploring and implementing blockchain, and it appears that Woz decided to join the ride as well.

At pre-launch of Delta Summit in Malta, Apple’s co-founder said that the idea behind the company’s business model is to save money on energy and to help improving the environment at the same time. He added that he has always been a big fan of bringing efficient ways to do things and blockchain could be the tool to be used for that.

Relating particularly to blockchain he said that the technology will reduce energy consumption to decrease the energy wasted, which is the result of inappropriate habits of humankind. Talking about EFFORCE, he said that the company has been doing pretty well in the field of energy and incorporating blockchain will take it further in the field of energy.

“EFFORCE is a unique business model and we can have a great impact on the entrepreneurship,” Wozniak said about the company. Talking about Malta which is also known as a land of opportunities for crypto and blockchain startups, he said he appreciates the willingness of the Maltese government to invest in blockchain and creating crypto and blockchain-friendly infrastructure. He also stated that he had already wanted to invest in crypto startups in Malta earlier.

Malta’s Government is Pro-Crypto, Pro-Blockchain

Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri who has been evaluating the government and its view on blockchain and crypto said at the event that the government “wanted to disrupt the way we do things and embrace technology.”

He further said that Malta’s government started with blockchain when no other countries wanted to go with crypto and blockchain. The government went against the flow even when cryptocurrencies were banned outside of Europe. He added that the government has made a significant process with blockchain in the previous year. “We want to provide a better life for our citizens,” Schembri noted, clearly implying that blockchain is a part of this goal.

Jacobo Visetti, the other co-founder of EFFORCE said that he has always been curious about blockchain in the energy space and has been doing several projects related to this area while incorporating blockchain.

Like Wozniak, Jacobo has also become a fan of Malta and its policies for blockchain and crypto businesses. He said, “It was the most open-minded country we could find in the world in terms of new technology.”

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