As Far as Innovation Goes, Bosch’s New Blockchain-Powered Fridge Is Not It

There have been a lot of efforts made over the last couple of years to push blockchain technology out of the cryptocurrency bubble and into the mainstream industry. These efforts have borne some fruit when it comes to adoption with some big companies like IBM, Walmart, Unilever, Samsung, HTC and Amazon jumping onto the blockchain bandwagon.

However, while most of the projects inspired by the benefits of adopting blockchain technology have contributed towards the realization and exploration of all it could do, some are bound to miss the mark. Whether that’s the case for Bosch’s new blockchain fridge, we’ll let our readers decide for themselves.

The electronics giant Bosch teamed up for this project with Austria’s Wein Energy. Wein Energy is well known for being one of Austria’s biggest energy provider. The blockchain-powered fridge is the product of this collaboration, and it’s using all the latest cutting-edge technology including distributed ledger technology to log the energy sources and consumption of the electronic device. Furthermore, the buyers will also be able to monitor its energy consumption and choose between the energy sources powering their fridge.

Besides blockchain technology, there isn’t anything groundbreaking about this fridge. That’s not to say that it is not a great product in its own right. However, what’s not so great is the amount of thought put into the ideas behind the use of distributed ledger technology. At least that’s how we feel. There’s no explanation regarding which blockchain or other crypto functionalities the fridge will be using. However, it will be alerting its users when they’ve left the door open.

Furthermore, the fridge will automatically process a microtransaction each time a kilowatt-hour of electricity has been consumed. The companies behind the innovation claim that this will create proof on blockchain about where the energy used came from. That’s the vision behind this idea too, to make users aware of their energy consumption habits. Wein Energy claims to be already onboard with supporting the new fridge as an energy provider. However, we’re doubtful most if not all other companies will refuse to do so.

While we have to look at every product and service objectively, there is also a feeling of appreciation for the effort made by Bosch. Even if only to jump onto the “blockchain bandwagon,” the product shows that blockchain technology is leaving an impact on the overall industry. Companies are looking for ways to get involved. Just keep in mind that they may not always hit the mark.

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