Australian Border Force Confiscates Drugs and Over $1.5 Million in Crypto

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Men of the Australian Border Force (ABF) has once again proved their undying commitment to keep the Aussie nation clean. The officers, who act as watchdogs overseeing everything that comes in and goes out via the border, scored yet another one for the good guys by apprehending two supposed drug traffickers in relations to an attempt to smuggle MDMA through the border. Over $1.5 million worth of cryptocurrency was also recovered in relation with the crime.

Just like every other search, the officers went about their duty on the fateful day, only to discover 27.5g of MDMA powder and another 27.5g of MDMA tablets in a package shipped from the United Kingdom. As with drug traffickers, the drug was smartly wrapped and concealed in children’s toy painting kit, all in an attempt to dissuade officers from looking that way.

Oh, well, it wasn’t a good day in hell as the suspected drug traffickers ran out of luck and ABF officers were able to fish out the contents of the package. Further investigation by detectives from the Drug & Firearm Squad of the WA Police Force led to the unraveling of cryptocurrencies worth over $1.5 million, associated with the suspected drug traffickers. Apparently, the drug traffickers must have used digital currencies as a good hideout for their illicit trade.

The Australian Police Force together with WA Police Force were able to pin down the location of the suspects. Upon getting to the suspected location, two suspects – a man of about 27 years old and a woman in her mid-twenties were arrested as the suspected drug traffickers.

Both parties were immediately charged on two counts – one for attempted possession of drugs with the intent to supply or sell and another for the possession of prohibited drugs with intent to supply or sell.

Both suspects have since been held in custody. While on trial, the Judge categorically removed bail from the table. The suspects will most likely go in for their crimes. However, the final judgment is yet to be passed.

Law Enforcement Agencies Know How to Operate in Crypto Environment

Commenting on the case, the Officer in Charge of the Drug & Firearm Squad, Detective Senior Sergeant Paul Matthews asserted that the seizure of over $1.5 million worth of cryptocurrency has got to be their biggest yet.

He went further to assure the public that they are aware of emerging technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. And that they have the technology and know-how to sniff out these perpetrators, irrespective of the form or manner they process their cash.

“This is another example of how the collaborative efforts of the ABF and its State and Federal law enforcement partners are protecting the community,” He said.

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