Bitcoin Mogul Alex Johnson Publicly Proclaims his Innocence in the Death of Young Dutch Model

Alex Johnoson Bitcoin Mogul

In December 2017, a young couple, the cryptocurrency mogul Alex and his wife Luna Johnson, were accused of killing the teenage model Ivana Smit. The deceased plunged to her death from the balcony of the Johnsons’ 20-story home, crashing down 200ft. Her naked dead body was later recovered on the roof of a 6-story building.

18 months after the incident, the couple who were pressured to relocate from Malaysia to the United States, finally decided to tell the world what really happened on that fateful day. Alex and Luna stated unequivocally that they have no hand in the death of the young model. Explaining their relationship with the deceased, the Johnsons admitted they were with the model the night of the incidence, but only because she was their threesome partner.

John, the owner of the crypto firm Everus World, explained that the deceased came willingly like other times and that they were asleep as at the time of the incidence. Just after the incidence, the Bitcoin millionaire and his wife were immediately arrested; however, everything then checked out, including their drug test and passports. The police had to release them after two weeks for lack of evidence.

Despite their release, many people still insisted that they are responsible for the death of Ivana, and even threatened to kidnap the Johnson’s little daughter, who had to go stay with her granny while the couple were in police custody.

Fleeing Malaysia; Bitcoin Business Faltering

The couple allegedly fled Malaysia after a failed attempt to plead their innocence over the death of teenage Dutch model. The Johnsons explained that they had to flee for their lives, not because they are guilty. They had to leave social media platforms too due to the incessant death threats and calls they got. The couple also stated that their businesses faltered greatly, both the crypto firm that revolved around global Bitcoin trading and the Luna’s digital marketing business.

Fleeing from Malaysia, the couple since then have been living mostly off the grid. The Johnsons added that they led crazy lives in their youth, however, they have cut back on a lot of the craziness since the birth of their daughter six years ago and only seldom they have a wild night out. The day of this incidence was just one of the few.

Initial report from police showed that the death was an accident, however, subsequent autopsy results showed that the deceased had some bruises on her arms and head before falling from the Johnson’s balcony.

The bereaved family insists that her death wasn’t accidental. In fact, they are preparing a private lawsuit against the Bitcoin millionaire and his wife. The Johnson’s, on the other hand, asserted that they are tired of running and are ready to fight the case to the last.

I guess we will have to sit back and watch the truth unravel itself.

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