Brazil’s Avai Football Club Announces its Own Digital Currency, Partners with SportyCo and Blackbridge Sports

Avai Football Club from Brazil is one of the first football (soccer) clubs seeking to raise funds through initial coin offerings (ICO) following the launch of its own coin “Avai FC Token”; SportyCo and Blackbridge Sports announced the partnership with Avai on September 12th.

The partnership is aimed at benefiting the club by bridging the gap between the thriving Fintech industry and grassroots sports using blockchain technology while making Avai FC one of the very few football clubs at the moment to officially launch its own digital coin.

Among the attendees were Felipe Franca, vice-president of Brazil, members of the club council, representatives of the companies, journalists, guests, and the club’s president Francisco Battistotti who of course also partook in the event.

The project’s goal is to make Avai Football Club a stable member of the Brazilian Serie A Championship and The Copa Libertadores. “Avai thinks of a global fan base,” said Francisco Battistotti, Avai president. “With our ICO, we are currently trying to achieve a worldwide football fan base, and we are mindful to everything that concerns Avai’s condition in Florianopolis and Brazil. We are glad to Partner with SportyCo and Blackbridge for being the first sporting company to make an initial money Offer.”

SportyCo and Blackbridge sports offered the public their respective tokens (digital coins) during the initial coin offering (ICO), and Avai FC obviously seems eager to join the crypto trend. Also, the football club can meet its daily budget demands by raising funds throughout the globe. “We look forward to working with Avai Football Club,” said Mark Fileji, co-founder SportyCo, “and we are anxious to see how they intend to launch their new token with the SportyCo Platform. With this currency offering we are opening another page in football and the sports industry at large. It’s a delight to get Avai as a partner.”

SportyCo and Blackbridge Sports will partner with Avai in providing blockchain technology while offering the token to the public through their respective platforms. Even more so, they’re expected to use their platforms to attract the public to invest in the coin, emphasizing the long-term merits of such an investment – a new form of investment differs from the already known and widely used crowd-funding.

It is clear that for an ICO to be successful, the football club looking to offer its coin to investors must come up with a decent strategy for enduring success. Therefore, the quantity of tokens that will be issued to the general public, the team of experts dealing with the execution, and the platform on which blockchain Technology will be implemented is indeed expressed appropriately in the ICO whitepaper.

The new utility token, called “Avai FC Token,” was designed specifically for the club. Fans from all over the world will have the opportunity to be involved in the vision and the new journey that the club intends to embark on by incorporating innovative technology in football while making Avai a more interactive football club amongst others.

The official sale of the Avai digital coins (ICO) will commence on 3rd October 2018 and ends on 3rd November 2018 at 12 noon.

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