Carrefour Implements Blockchain Solution to Track Milk Product Supply Chain

Blockchain has potential far beyond cryptocurrencies. Through innovation and development in many sectors, we are seeing this potential gradually realized. Blockchain is being applied in food traceability, education, health and much more. The latest unconventional industry to take advantage of the services offered by blockchain is the dairy industry. The retail giant Carrefour has applied blockchain to for tracking milk according to a press release on March 1 on the company’s website.

Carrefour Quality Line (CQL) micro-filled full-fat milk is the latest blockchain-powered product by Carrefour that is set to start rolling out in March. The aim of CQL is to allow consumers to have access to a transparent record of every step of the supply-chain process for the product that they are receiving. Starting from the hands of the farmer all the way to the store shelves, consumers will be able to track their products and verify the authenticity and integrity of their milk products.

Carrefour stated in its press release:

“Starting in March 2019, Carrefour is going to gradually start selling Carrefour Quality Line fresh micro-filtered full-fat milk that takes advantage of blockchain technology.”

Consumers just have to scan a QR code with their smartphones and they will be able to obtain GPS data of the farmers whose animals’ milk was collected. They will be able to check if the cows are fed GMO-free food and reared on modestly sized farms utilizing the best practices. They can find out the date and time of the collection. They can also find out about all the other stakeholders in the supply chain process who are involved in packaging and delivering the products to them.

Over the last few months, Carrefour has been involved in a number of blockchain-based endeavors. Back in November 2018, Carrefour launched a Hyperledger powered blockchain based system to track free range chickens. The retail giant also worked with IBM’s blockchain-enabled food tracking network called Food Trust; Carrefour was one of many others including Nestle, Dole Food, and Golden State Foods.

Through the traceability and transparency powered by blockchain, food retail companies like Carrefour will be able to improve their reputation in the consumers’ eyes by giving them information regarding the whole process. Food traceability has been a big issue and all the proposed solutions before blockchain were falling short in providing true traceability. Only blockchain is capable of providing publicly verifiable information.

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