China Publishes a Book about Blockchain to Educate Government Officials

Perhaps many would find it quite surprising, but in many aspects the authoritarian government of China is more open to crypto and blockchain than some democratic Western governments. And another example for this fascinating discrepancy has just unfolded.

Through its state-owned newspaper (a paradox in itself), the People’s Daily, the Chinese government now publishes a new book that is designed to educate government officials about blockchain. The book, titled Blockchain – Guiding Public Officials (in free translation), offers information regarding blockchain’s origin, characteristics, possible future applications and challenges.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the introduction of the book, which is called “From Internet Thinking to Blockchain Thinking”:

The biggest significance of blockchain technology at present is its operating mechanism. Through the ingenious combination of technologies, the fair distribution of resources is obtained, in order to ensure the consistent goals of the community and the behavioral norms of its members. This gives us a new perspective and a way of thinking to look at the problems and find ways to solve them. We call for industry peers to continue to look at blockchain technology with a developing perspective, to look at the blockchain from a scientific perspective, to look at the blockchain industry with a strategic perspective, to look at blockchain-related business opportunities with an open perspective, to promote the sustainable and healthy development of blockchain industry, and promote blockchain technology to benefit the people’s life for the better.

The book is also supposed to include theoretical, in-depth discussions and a large number of studies and experiments regarding blockchain technology. The Chinese government asserts through the newspaper that the book has a deep understanding of the development status and trends of blockchain’s new generation of information technology for leading officials, and that it promotes the implementation of a national big data strategy.

This is certainly not the first encounter of the Chinese government with crypto or blockchain – one more example is the monthly cryptocurrency ranking by the state’s Center for Information Industry Development, the last one published in July.

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