Civil Founder Talks about Future Plans and New Token Sale

The founder of Civil, Matthew Iles, shared a blog post on the mistakes made so far, the lesson learned, and the next chapter for Civil.

Following their failed token sale, Mr. Iles met with every member of the Civil team, their newsrooms, partners, close advisers, and community members to learn of their weaknesses and strength. In the course of the meet-ups, Mr. Iles learned of the grave mistake they made so far and what they should do instead.

According to the blog post shared, the platform lost sight of the big picture and got swamped with technology. Mr. Iles admitted that technology is a crucial means to an end but they gave it too much room that it overwhelmed their message, complicate their experience, and distract them from their primary focus which is to promote journalism across the globe as they already do. Regretting his mistake, he promised the general public that never again will they make such a mistake.

He asserted that the Civil platform was never about initial coin offerings (ICOs) or tokens or even blockchain technology. The Civil platform, instead, is a dynamic platform which sits at the intersection of decentralized economies powered by blockchain and quality journalism. The platform was built on community-ownership, trust, and transparency. Their mission has always been to build the new economy for journalism. As such, they have learned their lesson, and will now renew their focus on journalism.

With a renewed focus and a new insight into the future, Mr. Iles disclosed some of the big plans they have for the platform in 2019. Before diving into what the future holds, he took the time to thank the Civil team, their partners, close advisers, and the Civil community for their unwavering support. He also gave special thanks to the civil team for their unrelenting efforts to bringing the ‘big dreams’ to reality. Some of the big plans in stock for 2019 include the Civil Registry, Civil Publisher, and CVL tokens.

The Civil Registry is an app which depicts the core of their decentralized network of newsrooms and how their community-run project actually works. With this app, newsrooms across the globe will be able to apply to be a part of the Civil newsroom.

The Civil Publisher, on the other hand, is a tool designed to allow Civil newsrooms to permanently archive all their work to the platform’s blockchain or index verifiable data about their articles. A rare opportunity which is only available to newsrooms using WordPress at the moment. Through the Civil Publisher, all newsrooms – with or without WordPress – will have uninterrupted access to this opportunity.

Lastly, Civil plans on issuing its own token dubbed CVL. Taking a leaf from their last page, the sale of the CVL tokens will have no hard cap, soft cap, or time limits. Interested members will, instead, buy the tokens directly from their website at CVL is proposed to stay on sale on a continuous basis until they sellout of the 34MM public allocation. To keep their dream alive, the proceeds from the sale will be used to fund public-service journalism efforts across the globe.

This is but a glimpse into the future of Civil.

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