Co-founder of Lamassu Zach Harvey: We Finally Got a Place to Call Home – Lucerne, Switzerland

Excited to be the new kid in the block at Lucerne, Switzerland, the co-founder of Lamassu Zach Harvey took to their blog to express his excitement to finally get a place to call ‘home’ and his ordeal of being rejected by several anti-crypto banks. Before we jump into the story, here is a little backstory of Lamassu.

Lamassu is one of the forces to reckon with in the cryptomat industry (also known as Bitcoin ATM industry). The company, which now prides itself as one of the most popular Bitcoin machines, was created in mid-2013 by Zach Harvey, Josh Harvey, and Matt Whitlock (who is no longer with the company). Lamassu was built to cater to the needs of the ‘new’ Bitcoin market as at 2013. They kicked-off sales as early as August 2013, and by April 2014, the company has sold over 220 ATMs.

The first sets of Lamassu ATMs deployed were designed to accept Bitcoin purchases only. The machines were later upgraded to allow for the conversion of Bitcoin to fiat currency. Since the creation of the company, the management has sought a place to call home without success. Harvey narrated his ordeal of being rejected by several banks because the word ‘Bitcoin’ was listed on their website. The search was, without a doubt, stressful but they are excited to finally get a ‘home.’

The success was achieved in Lucerne – which he dubbed Crypto Valley due to the wide acceptance and development in the Lucerne, which happens to be unlike other destinations with banks which have a narrow view of what Bitcoin ATM companies are.

Besides finally securing a home, Harvey expressed his excitement for getting a space in a location filled with crypto development and blockchain events. Some of the ‘big’ happenings he listed include world-class meetups, design and creation of hardware wallets, deployment of tons of Bitcoin ATMs, merging of open source Bitcoin and Lightning Network nodes, and meticulous regulation of cryptocurrencies.

Harvey expressed his gratitude to some members of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland namely Roger Darin, Lucas Betschart, and Isabella Brom, whom he described as supportive through the entire process of moving Lamassu down to Lucerne. He also gave a special ‘thank you’ to Rouven Willimann of Business Development Lucerne for the part he played in the process. As their first community project ever, Harvey stated that they would schedule a monthly meetup that would be dedicated to ideas privacy, free markets, free speech, cryptoanarchy, and decentralization.

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