Coinme Crypto ATM’s to Trade Bitcoin on Coinstar Kiosks

Coinme, the first US-based licensed Bitcoin ATM operator, teams up with the world-largest self-service coin counting kiosk company, Coinstar, to provide an easy and convenient means of trading Bitcoin. This was stated in a press release on Coinstar’s blog section. The aim of the collaboration is to make Bitcoin readily available to consumers as they carry out their daily routines.

Coinstar is a multi-million company with over 20,000 automated coin-counting kiosks across nine countries. Collaborating with such a renowned company makes it easier and more convenient for crypto consumers to participate in this dynamic new economy, explained Neil Bergquist, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Coinme.

The company has always striven to create a seamless digital financial economy for its customers across the globe. To that end, they ensure they grab every opportunity as they come. Coinme is reportedly deploying a global crypto ATM network to cater to the needs of its customers across the globe. The company also offers private client services and a vertically-integrated digital wallet for individual use as well as institutions.

Commenting on the delivery initiative, Coinstar CEO, Jim Gaherity asserted that the company has always had an eye for innovative means to offer value to its customers and by collaborating with Coinme in its delivery mechanism, they hope to provide a seamless and convenient experience to every consumer who visits their kiosk.

Through Coinstar’s coin-counting kiosks, Bitcoin consumers can now purchase Bitcoin with cash without sweating it. Bitcoin consumers who are interested in using this service are instructed to visit any Coinstar kiosk with the ‘Buy Bitcoin’ option and click on the option to initiate the transaction. You can or to locate a kiosk.

After which you review and accept the transaction terms and input your phone number to continue the transaction. At this stage, Bitcoin consumers are expected to insert the equivalent amount in fiat currency (Coinstar coin-counting kiosks currently accept only U.S. dollars) into the cash acceptor. Please note that the machine is designed to accept up to 2,500 USD at a time. Upon inserting the cash, the machine will print out a voucher with a redemption code which you must use in your Coinme account. To redeem your Bitcoin, you will have to create an account with Coinme or sign in to your existing account by visiting Bitcoin consumers are required to enter the voucher code received in the kiosk to redeem their Bitcoin.

This is a fascinating development as it further pushes Bitcoin towards the mainstream. With such an initiative, we hope to have more Bitcoin-friendly shops in the near future.

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