Comcast Partners with Blockchain Software Blockgraph to Develop Advanced TV Data Sharing

Comcast Cable Advertising, the advertising arm of Comcast Corporation, announced on December 21 its intention to work together with other partners in the global TV ecosystem to create a secure means of using and sharing information for advanced TV advertising that is primarily relied on blockchain technology.

The company, which is focused on bringing industry-leading television and video solutions to marketers, has awakened to the need for data privacy among sellers of media, buyers of media and consumers of media. The company believes that the use of data should not be at the detriment of the privacy of consumer’s personal information, as such it calls on other media companies to help bring this dream to fruition as the higher the number of partners on-board with the project, the better its chance of striving.

The current means of sharing data among parties involves a direct exchange or a middleman – usually a company like Experian or LiveRamp – which perform its blind match magic and come up with anonymous data segments that are used for targeting or measurement. This system is not just inefficient, it is cumbersome, and leaves some trace behind.

Blockgraph, the newly launched blockchain-based software, was designed to cover the lapses of the current data sharing system. The new initiative is a peer-to-peer platform designed to allow individual media companies to perform blind matched directly with one another. Besides the increased data security it offers, this platform also allows participating media companies to benefit from shared learning of the network. This is the holy grail of the media industry as it is proposed to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of data-driven media companies within the global TV advertising ecosystem, which ultimately leads to better planning, targeting, execution, and measurement across different screens.

Comcast currently partners with big players in the industry such as the advertising sales division of Charter Communications Inc., Viacom, NBCUniversal, Pubitalia – advertising unit of the Italy-based company, Mediaset- and Spectrum Reach. And report has it that the company is in contact with several other potential participants to help expand Blockgraph’s scale and backing.

Commenting on the project, Kem Schireson, the Executive Vice President and Chief Data Officer of Viacom, stated that they are happy to be a part of such a game changer that will facilitate the valuable exchange of data insights as a medium to weigh their collective capabilities.

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