Craig Wright: Copyright Registration Proves I’m Bitcoin’s Satoshi; Copyright Office: Nope!

The crypto world was thrown into somewhat of a pandemonium earlier this week after a spokesman for Craig Wright stated categorically that the recent registration issued by the U.S. Copyright Office allegedly recognizes Wright as the author of the much-lauded Bitcoin Whitepaper and code.

It will be recalled that the Australian computer scientist has declared himself the much-sought-after Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto on several occasions. Wright is known to seize every opportunity to attempt convincing the public that he is, in fact, the real developer behind Bitcoin (Satoshi Nakamoto) who everyone seems to be looking for.

The self-proclaimed Bitcoin founder took his game up a notch when he filed (1, 2) for copyright of Bitcoin’s Whitepaper and code. Upon registration as part of the pseudonym (Satoshi Nakamoto), news spread far and wide that Wright has been confirmed as Satoshi Nakamoto. It is CRUCIAL to state that the registration is NOT a confirmation that Wright is Satoshi; the only thing it says is that Wright just filed the forms, nothing more.

Although it doesn’t say anything, the news yet appeared to attract a voluminous crowd of people to Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV, remember the fork was spearheaded by Craig Wright), causing an upsurge of about 120% in the price of Bitcoin SV within an hour. While generally speaking such an upsurge is good news for the crypto market as a whole, it is vital again to note that the news making rounds is completely false. Wright was not confirmed as the founder of Bitcoin.

The U.S. Copyright Office published a press release to debunk the lies spread by Wright’s spokesman. The Copyright Office stated without mincing words that registration does not (again, NOT) equate to ownership. Registering a copyright is more or less filing a form. With $85, anyone can simply file an application for copyright. The office is not required to run any critical research or background search on anybody under a pseudonym.

Speaking with Financial Times, the Copyright Office stated that it didn’t confirm Craig Wright as Satoshi. The copyright registration for the original Bitcoin code and Bitcoin’s Whitepaper titled “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” is only a mere procedure to protect the work. It by no means endorse Wright as the author or founder of Bitcoin.

This is not the first time Wright is in the news for something like this. Lots of controversies have been ongoing about the self-proclaimed Bitcoin founder and it is critical for the public to not be swayed by false news. Until his claims are proven correct, the founder of Bitcoin is yet a mystery to us all.

Well, the current BSV price upsurge could be seen by many crypto enthusiasts as a silver lining. However, the question remains how long it will be able to hold after the latest release by the Copyright Office.

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