Craig Wright Fails to Show Court Bitcoin Addresses of Satoshi Nakamoto

Craig Wright not Satoshi Bitcoin Founder

The Australian scientist, Craig Wright, has thrown a ton of tantrums to prove he is, in fact, Satoshi Nakamoto – the mythological founder of Bitcoin.

From multiple declarations that he is the brain behind Bitcoin to slamming those who call him fraud with lawsuits, and applying for the copyright of the Bitcoin’s whitepaper and code with the US Copyright Office, Wright has never missed an opportunity to convince the world that he is indeed the real Satoshi that everyone had been looking for.

While some people bought the story right away and others joined the Wright Bitcoin-founder crusade, a good number of people in and outside the crypto world have some reasons to believe it might be a big lie after all.

Due to the conflicting stand, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin-founder has been asked to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is actually Satoshi. Well, this hasn’t been an easy job for Mr. Wright as there seems to be a problem with every possible way to prove he is the brain behind the most-celebrated cryptocurrency today.

Wright Can’t Prove he has Access to Satoshi’s Bitcoin Funds

With all other proofs looking almost impossible, Wright was asked to transfer some amount of Bitcoin allocated to the founder from the very beginning to show he is in control of the wallet and, by extension, the founder of Bitcoin. This was necessary as the creator of Bitcoin allegedly holds a huge trunk of the crypto coin. Whoever has access to the wallet is, without a doubt, the real founder of Bitcoin.

You would expect this to be the simplest of all tasks for the real Satoshi; however, it is yet another problem as Wright has come out to say that he doesn’t have access to the fund. In a federal court hearing at West Palm Beach, Florida, Wright made it clear to the judge, jury, and entire public that he cannot comply with the order to produce a list of his early Bitcoin addresses. He went further to declare the fortune in his early wallets inaccessible.

This order was passed in court handling the allegation that Wright stole Bitcoins and intellectual property from a late business partner. Well, it seems that this is a dead end.

In Wright’s defense, he said he handed over a key piece of info to his late partner, Dave Kleiman. Therefore, it is impossible to track down the wallets holding the ‘fortune’ that is supposed to be his. Furthermore, he explained that he brought in Dave as a trusted friend and partner because he was scared to continue the project or come out as Satoshi as people were using the virtual coin for all sorts of illegal activities.

He also added that Dave estate suing him is only a means to cover the fact that he is indeed Satoshi. With many tantrums thrown at the courtroom and Wright unable to provide the said records, the case was declared ‘not settled’ at the hearing.

We look forward to breaking more events on the story as they occur. Stay glued!

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