Crypto ATM Provider DigitalMint Partners Up with Convenience Store Chain Circle K

DigitalMint Crypto ATMs

DigitalMint, a Chicago-based cryptocurrency ATM provider, has recently announced a partnership with American multinational chain of convenience stores, Circle K. The partnership will enable consumers to buy Bitcoin through physical kiosks and teller windows at Circle K stores.

The crypto firm will add 20 Bitcoin ATMs (or BTMs) across Arizona and Nevada as part of an exclusive pilot program. The partnership is said to be the largest one for DigitalMint which will probably accelerate the company’s expansion plans. Bitcoin ATMs are becoming very popular and prevalent as cryptocurrency users find it quite convenient to buy a small amount of Bitcoin with fiat currency. Today, in many popular locations around the world there are Bitcoin ATMs installed.

DigitalMint is a Chicago-based crypto ATM startup that allows users to buy Bitcoin through physical kiosks and teller windows. They have already partnered with over 250 B&M locations across the United States, including convenience stores like Circle K, grocery chains, financial service centers, gas stations, and other retailers. Circle K owns and operates convenience stores and gas stations across the United States currently present on around 15,000 locations. DigitalMint partnering with Circle K just might going to be a game changing decision for both firms.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with a respected organization like Circle K,” said Marc Grens, President & Co-Founder, DigitalMint. “This partnership opens the door for the massive expansion of Bitcoin access to new markets around the globe.”

In Which Cities the Crypto ATMs Will Be Situated?

When it comes to Arizona, the newly launched crypto ATMs will be presented in the following cities: Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Tucson, Flagstaff, Surprise, Maricopa. Las Vegas will currently be the only place to get Bitcoin ATMs in Nevada as a part of their pilot program. More locations might be announced in the future.

The partnership with Circle K has made DigitalMint one of the largest Bitcoin ATM and point-of-sale operators in the U.S. alongside Coinme and others. The company currently has over 250 locations in 25 states.

“We are very happy to add DigitalMint as a partner and we look forward to working with their team,” said Joel Konicke, Category Manager, Circle K Stores Inc. “Partnering with DigitalMint allows us to provide our customers with seamless access to Bitcoin, at a very reasonable price.”

Bitcoin ATMs are similar to conventional ATMs, enabling consumers to exchange USD for Bitcoin. With a Bitcoin ATM, customers will be able to purchase up to $20,000 in Bitcoin per day, the limit for single day purchase. Now with the new collaboration, many residents of Arizona and Nevada would be able to conduct crypto transactions with much more ease.

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