Crypto Entrepreneur Bobby Lee Claims Giving Bruce Willis Bitcoin; Users Express Disbelief

Bruce Willis Enters the crypto world

Imagine a conversation between a crypto nerd and one of the most popular Hollywood stars who has little or no idea about cryptocurrencies…

The founder of the Ballet Hardware cryptocurrency wallet and board member of the Bitcoin Foundation, Bobby Lee, has recently posted series of tweets in which he described his conversation on Bitcoin(BTC)trade and related tech with the popular movie star Bruce Willis. Lee also received mix replies on Twitter from crypto enthusiasts and various other Twitter users who are skeptical about the entire rendezvous.

Earlier on November 2nd, Lee claimed that he spoke with the Die Hard star Bruce Willis on his flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai. As he asserted, they spoke on digital assets, crypto wallets, blockchain tech, and other related stuff. Lee tweeted:

“On my flight from #LA to #Shanghai, I was surprised to see #BruceWillis come onboard, sitting next to me, traveling w/ his family to China. What do I do? Let’s talk #Bitcoin! He didn’t know much, so I introduced him to $BTC, and showed him our @BalletCrypto physical wallets”

As per Lee’s tweets, the conversation between the two was going quite well and went on further to the point that Lee employ the in-flight Wi-Fi to use his Ballet Crypto mobile app. Through the Ballet mobile app and the real ballet wallet he demonstrated how easy, safe and convenient it is to transfer and store Bitcoin by transferring 0.1 BTC to two gold-plated Ballet crypto wallets. Lee gave those wallets to Bruce Willis for his two daughters as “early Christmas presents” and stated that gifting digital assets is “now Easy, Safe & Reliable.”

Many Twitter Users Express Disbelief

The incident of having a Hollywood star on board with cryptocurrencies might help to spread awareness and adoption of cryptocurrencies. However, there are many who didn’t believe in Lee’s tweets and replied according to this disbelief. For instance, the Twitter user @DrBitcoinMD who, as per his profile studied both Bitcoin and Austrian economics, tweeted his response in the form of denial for Lee’s Tweet.

He tweeted that “there is 0 chance this is what actually happened. He snuck a blurry photo of someone famous and made up a fake story to promote his scam wallet. If that wasn’t the case, why did he not get a decent photo of him/the two of them together? Absolutely pathetic.”

One other user went even further, asking Willis’s wife whether the incident took place or not, as he was traveling with his family. Relating to the photo published by Lee, another user joked that he has “seen Bruce in a lot of hostage situations. He’s never looked this beaten.”

The crypto sphere is full of fake stories and impersonating identities so it might not be a new thing if Lee’s tweets aren’t true or do not reflect what had actually occurred accurately.

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