Crypto Holder Tulsi Gabbard Begins her 2020 Run for President

With all that’s been going on in the White House over the past couple of years, the 2020 election campaign is set to be one of the most historic presidential campaigns ever. Candidates are already announcing their plans to run for the candidacy after the mid-term elections several months ago.

The most recent US representative to announce her presidential run is an interesting one for us as crypto enthusiasts and followers. She’s the United States representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district, Tulsi Gabbard. The news first came to light last month.

Gabbard is a Democrat and known for her resignation from the Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee in order to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for the party’s presidential nomination back in 2016. She had first confirmed her own intent to join the 2020 race for the president in an interview with CNN in January. With the official announcement that came on Feb. 2, the crypto community was visibly excited because of her involvement and investment in a number of cryptocurrencies and stock indexes.

Regarding the details of her investments, we looked at her congressional filings from her last year. They reveal that Gabbard purchased the altcoins Ethereum and Litecoin, investing between $1,001-15,000 at the height of the crypto bull run in December 2017. That’s also the month Bitcoin was reaching for record-breaking heights of $20,000.

According to some reports, Gabbard has raised over $2 million for her campaign. That amount is significantly less her Democratic rival Elizabeth Warren. Rep. Elizabeth Warren has already managed to raise $11 million. Warren is another person of interest from the other side of the spectrum. She has warned of the need to protect retail investors from the volatile and fluid crypto space.

Another crypto enthusiast, John McAfee, is making his own bid for the presidency with intentions of promoting permissionless cryptocurrencies as part of the libertarian agenda. McAfee has vowed to run his campaign from a boat in international waters after getting in trouble with U.S. tax authorities. McAfee has already made several explosive pro-Bitcoin remarks in the past and was even ranked as one of the most influential figures in the crypto arena.

These reports are a clear indication of the fact that crypto is making its way into the discussions in the core of the U.S. government policy. Which side of the aisle (that isn’t necessarily divided between the traditional Republican-Democrat division) wins this debate is yet to be seen. However, at least initially, policies regarding crypto might end up being a side product of a candidate who runs and wins on completely irrelevant policy promises.

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