Crypto in Hollywood: Entourage’s Star Plan to Create a TV Series Based on Cryptocurrencies

The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, in general, has been a complex puzzle for even the smartest minds to comprehend. A few who are considered the ‘bosses of the block’ have tried without much success to demystify and accordingly predict the highly sophisticated world of cryptocurrencies.

A good number of people have come to embrace cryptocurrencies and its underpinning technology, blockchain, but a large percentage of these self-acclaimed crypto enthusiasts and investors know little or nothing about cryptocurrencies. Trading a market that ‘no one’ understands is one of the many discouraging factors hindering the growth of the global crypto ecosystem. Who would want to participate in a game that he/she knows not how to play? Not me.

Therefore, experts have suggested over the years that governments should create awareness programs to educate their citizens about cryptocurrency and its underlying technology – blockchain technology. Sadly, very little effort has been made to that end. However, crypto investors and enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to share their knowledge of cryptocurrencies with the world.

What better way to reach millions of people across the globe if not through a TV show? That must be what Jason King and Erik Sords thought as they team up with one of Entourage’s star – Kevin Connolly – to create the first-ever TV series based on cryptocurrency.

The show, which is titled Cryptos, will be directed by Connolly who also doubles as an actor in the TV series. Together with Jason King – the co-founder of Academy School of Blockchain – and Erik Sords – the founder of the first decentralized global studio in the world – Connolly hope to open up the complex subject of crypto so that people like him who have limited knowledge of that space would have the opportunity to learn.

While announcing his intention to join Cryptos, Connolly asserted that the singular factor that scares people away from crypto is a lack of understanding. He added that the thing that spiked his interest in the show is the storyline. Cryptos, like Entourage, is centered on a group of frustrated actors who decide to make their own system through cryptocurrency and take on the Hollywood system.

Although the show is still in infancy, the show’s creators are hoping that a content-hungry platform such as Amazon Prime and Netflix would help them air the episodes as they are created.

This is, in fact, a very welcome development as it will help to propel crypto towards the mainstream. Just what we need right now!

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