Crypto in Space: Consensys Buys Asteroid Mining Company Planetary Resources

Like wildfire, the crypto world is set to spread far and wide, cutting across spheres and space. This was confirmed in an announcement made on October 31, when the America-based asteroid mining company, Planetary Resources, Inc. was bought through an asset-purchase transaction by the blockchain software technology firm, ConsenSys Inc.

The thriving space startup, which was formerly known as Arkyd Astronautics, was launched in 2012 with the promise to bring about an age of private entrepreneurship in our solar system. The company struggled without success to live up to that promise and now we earnestly await the intended revolution by ConsenSys to bring about this change in our solar system.

Although the deal was done discretely with little to no information available to the public, we can say without a doubt that the company wouldn’t cost so much.

As part of the deal, Chris Lewicki (President of Planetary Resources) and General Counsel Brain Israel, (CEO of Planetary Resources) are expected to join the ConsenSys.

According to the press release about the deal, the blockchain venture production studio, ConsenSys would continue its space initiatives in the asteroid mining company’s former facility in Redmond, Washington.

Commenting on the deal, the President of Planetary Resources, Chris Lewicki, made it known that he is proud of the accomplishment the company has made so far. Contrary to what the general public thinks, he asserted that the company has simultaneously engineered business, technology, law and policy while fulfilling the promise of bringing the space resources as closely as it could be to human grasp. He went on to express his delight to join ConsenSys to expand their foundational works.

Joe Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys and Co-founder of the Ethereum platform, expressed his admiration for the asteroid mining company. He went further to admonish the general public on his belief in the Ethereum platform. According to Lubin, Ethereum technology possesses the potential to create new societal rule systems through automated trust and guaranteed execution. He also added that bringing deep space capabilities into ConseSys would help to reflect their belief in dismantling monopoly and decentralizing space endeavors to unite human species and unlock their untapped potentials. He ended his speech with promises to make more information regarding the space initiative available to the public soon.

I sincerely hope that Lubin will be able to discover the ‘missing ingredient’ to eventually revolutionize our solar system for good.

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