Crypto Law Firm Silver Miller Acts Against AT&T, T-Mobile & Verizon for Enabling Sim Swapping

SIM Swapping Crypto Hack

Sim swapping recently resurfaced on the map as one of the easiest means to defraud crypto investors. And while the sim owners could be crucified for negligence, no one has taken the time to question network providers which are supposedly custodians of these sim cards.

Thankfully, a legal firm committed to crypto-related cases, Silver Miller, has gathered the courage and enough evidence to dare ask the billion-dollar question – what are network providers’ role in sim swapping?

Probing into this uncharted area, Silver Miller was able to uncover some of the shady businesses swept under the carpet. Besides the heartbreaking realization that these companies do nothing to fulfill their promise of top-notch security, it was truly painful to learn that some officials with network providers such as AT&T and Verizon willfully enable this criminal act by bypassing existing security measures in exchange for some meager payoffs, with no thought given to the devastating effect the action would have on the victim.

Bringing these appalling findings to light erodes the slight possibility that they will be swept under the carpet as always. Not anymore! Thanks to the leading crypto investor law firm, Silver Miller, victims of sim hacks or sim swapping can now press charges against their network providers.

After an aggressive investigation, the law firm is ready to fight for these helpless crypto investors. The legal firm filed arbitration against the network providers AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon for negligence in the face of rising sim hacks. Also, the soul-wrenching evidence against former representatives at the respective companies would be used by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in the prosecution.

In addition, the law firm is calling out to victims to join this crusade:

“Anyone victimized by SIM swapping who has had valuable assets taken from them due to a cellphone carrier’s failed security protocols — especially if “enhanced security” was promised — should contact Silver Miller to discuss his/her legal options.”

SIM Swapping Becomes One of the Biggest Crypto Threats

If you have been following the crypto sector lately, you would agree that sim swapping is one of the biggest threats to crypto investors nowadays, especially big ‘Whale’ investors with brimming wallets.

With a ton of sim swapping cases already registered with different local police authorities, it is no wonder Kaspersky Labs warned earlier this year that sim swapping is on the rise and that crypto investors should conduct proper due diligence for their on security. According to a report of CipherTrace, sim swapping is one of the top 10 crypto threats.

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