“Democratization of Finance”: Circle Finalizes the Acquisition of SeedInvest

In the democratic world that we live in, the financial industry is all but democratic. Accordingly, cryptocurrencies have been created in order to provide everyone with equal financial possibilities and freedom. Circle is one of the organizations that is working towards a more democratic financial world.

Circle aims at achieving this goal by tokenizing all the traditional financial assets such as equities and any other securities. In a recent predictable move to increase its influence in the world, Circle has finalized the acquisition of SeedInvest.

What Is SeedInvest?

SeedInvest is a highly renowned crowdfunding organization that is responsible for shaping up the Jobs Act in the US. SeedInvest has helped several startups raise funds that are necessary for building and sustaining the organizations. SeedInvest also helps an average investor who does not have enough money to invest in a company all by himself. As SeedInvest is a crowdfunding organization, it helps the investors gain access to new, innovative and promising projects.

So, not only does SeedInvest help new startups as well as larger sized companies to grow, but it also provides every single person with an equal opportunity to invest in an upcoming organization very early on, and benefit out of it.

What Does This Acquisition Mean?

Even though we live in the West in a democratic world, the financial industry is very less democratic. As the people with more influence control this industry, an average person like you or me feels the wrath of any and every error that is made by somebody else higher up the ladder.

Circle aims at restoring democracy in the financial world by tokenizing all the centralized assets, such as equities as well as various securities. Additionally, Circle also aims at tokenizing other assets, such as voting and governance, dividend payouts, etc. This provides everyone in the world with equal opportunity for success.

SeedInvest provides the same opportunity to new and upcoming startups and the average investor without much funds to invest in a multi-billion dollar company. As a crowdfunding organization, SeedInvest has helped numerous investors and startups in the US.

By joining forces with Circle, SeedInvest will be able to further increase its user base on a global scale. With many people believing in a decentralized democratic world, this acquisition will truly benefit both the organizations. While Circle is able to provide better opportunities for startups and investors, SeedInvest can get more exposure. Thus, this dynamic duo might just have a great impact on the future of the crypto and financial worlds.

What Is Next in Store for SeedInvest?

With this acquisition, SeedInvest joins a team of over 300 people who already work at Circle. Circle continues to expand its reach to over 8.5 million individuals and 1000 institutes that already support Circle.

Both the organizations are going to function as they already did, with each mutually benefiting from the success of the other. With SeedInvest now having the support of a major organization like Circle, the market is going to be a better place for entrepreneurs and investors.

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