Dutch Bitcoin Trader was Tortured by Robbers in Front of Four-Year-Old Daughter

One Dutch Bitcoin trader was recently subjected to horrendous torment by three armed robbers in front of his four-year-old daughter. According to local news outlet De Telegraaf, the man’s cryptocurrency holdings might have been the main motive behind the robbery. The crypto world has witnessed numerous scams and frauds that results in greater financial losses but there are nearly no such reported activities that involve such horrendous physical torture.

The three despicable armed robbers not only broke into the house of 38-year-old Tjeerd H. but also inflicted on him enormous pain from heavy drill tapping his body. This violent robbery took place on Sunday, February 10 at ten o’clock in the evening, in Drouwenerveen in Drenthe, Netherlands and it was reported by De Telegraaf and another news outlet Dagblad van het Noorden.

According to a report published by the largest Dutch daily morning newspaper De Telegraaf, the man and his 4-year-old daughter heard a huge bang on the front door of the house and saw three robbers equipped with firearms. The Moroccan-accented robbers didn’t stop at just threatening and went as far as pulling out a heavy drill, abusively tapping his body with it severely. Unfortunately, his four-year-old daughter had to witness this ghastly event. After an hour-long torment, the perpetrators left the victim injured seriously in front of his daughter, and they are now on the radar of the team of fifteen Dutch police officers.

The fact that fifteen police officers are currently investigating the robbery shows the seriousness of the event and dedication of the Dutch authorities to solve the case and bring the criminal to justice. However, there isn’t much information available on the robbers and whether the cryptocurrency holdings were being stolen or not.

De Telegraaf in cooperation with Dagblad van het Noorden discovered that the victim was a crypto trader, which local police sources confirmed. The research shows that H. lived and worked in Thailand and Italy. The farmhouse where this deadly robbery took place was bought at a cost pf half a million euros in cash, the land registry revealed.

The main question of the robbers’ motive for the robbery is still left unanswered as the Netherlands police do not want to reveal anything about the case yet. But the research by De Telegraaf together with Dagblad van het Noorden shows that the man’s crypto holdings might have been the main motive behind this crime; however, it remains unclear if H. had transferred his crypto holdings to the robbers.

We all wish him well and a full recovery.

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