Eleesa Dadiani Wants to Revolutionize the Crypto World and Discard Price Volatility

Eleesa Dadiani the Crypto Queen

The young chief executive officer of the “Dadiani Syndicate,” Eleesa Dadiani, has vowed to revolutionize the crypto community by chasing price volatility out the door. Quite an ambitious goal, when considering that volatility and crypto go hand-in-hand since the inception of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin(BTC)trade.

“I’m an opportunist. I’m not a specialist in anything, I’m a school dropout,” Dadiani admits proudly. “I have a good nose for things, when something is about to gallop. And so twice I’ve now had good timing. Once when people needed to cash out of their holdings, when banks didn’t want to touch crypto; and now, when we are at the forefront of this institutional stampede.”

The 30-year-old owner of a brokerage firm with very little or no knowledge of the tech world at all, who is is preaching with all certainty that she has what it takes to revolutionize the crypto sphere all by herself, just might be be the best and more fascinating crypto news you will read all week.

What makes her stand so interesting is the gusto with which she explains the deal and how incredibly simple she makes it seems. So, you mean the notorious price volatility that has rampaged the crypto sphere all these years can be solved so easily? Yet no tech geek has ever thought of it?

Okay, that may not come out right. I’m not being discriminatory or condescending. It just wows me how simple yet effective the plan sounds.

Dadiani’s Journey to the Crypto World

Eleesa is a 30-year old woman born into the noble family of the Dadiani. She is known for commandeering the affairs of Dadiani Syndicate – a brokerage firm which started as an art brokerage firm and now brokers virtually anything you could think of including houses, Formula 1 cars, and thoroughbred horses.

Dadiani crypto journey started some years back when her family’s precious paintings were stuck due to the West’s Crimea-related sanctions. Frustrated by the setback, she turned to a group of septuagenarian British painters who were more or less “kind of forgotten.” She described her beginning as “a little museum” but things eventually started looking up when popular contemporary artists started flocking into the “little museum.”

The Great Crypto Plan

As more and more big shots came in, some of them started requesting to get payed with crypto. That was the glory days of crypto when the most popular digital coin, Bitcoin, was selling for about $20,000 in late 2017. knowing the opportunity stuck in the crypto world, especially for customers in China and other countries that are bound financially by stringent rules, Dadiani started accepting crypto as payment in her Syndicate.

In no time, other small businesses sprang up, causing more supply and luckily, even more demand. But alas, the crypto winter came in 2018, causing many crypto users to run into their shells. But not Dadiani.

Instead of being scared, she started looking for the cause of the crypto winter and how best to prevent further losses. According to her, the bearish period was necessary to chase out the tons of retailers flooding the space and make room for big institutional ventures and investments in the crypto world. And that is exactly what is happening today.

To prevent a repeat of the 2018 crypto winter, Dadiani believes monopoly shouldn’t be allowed in the crypto world. She has a plan to work directly with cryptocurrency miners and provide services to and with big institutions such as hedge funds, which are in a better position to handle and protect the crypto market.

Although some people have shown interest in her plan, she believes it is a goal she will have to achieve herself. Not only will her plan eradicate the era of price volatility, but it will also be done in a very transparent way to correct the erroneous thinking that cruptocurrencies are majorly used for shady businesses. Legitimate businesses still need and benefit from crypto and Dadiani is here to prove it.

How far can she go? We can only wait and see. What do you think about her plan?

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