Embattled Crypto Exchange Bitfinex Unravels its New Billion Dollar Token LEO

With exceeding joy for completing yet another milestone (and diverting some attention from its recent $850M cover-up controversy), the Hong Kong-based crypto exchange, Bitfinex, took to its blog section on Friday to announce the listing of a new token on the platform.

The token, termed UNUS SED LEO, was launched on May 20 on the Bitfinex platform to help create a better customer experience for its users. While it may be just a token launch to the outside world, it is, in fact, a great achievement for the crypto exchange, which has been struggling for a while now.

The token received such an overwhelming response that it has made a billion dollar (!) contribution. During the private sale conducted on May 10th, the crypto exchange recorded a 100% sale of outstanding UNUS SED LEO. The sale was made in exchange for one billion Tether (USDT) worth of USD, Bitcoin, and USDT. This is indeed a huge success for the firm and perhaps even the crypto world at large. It not only profits the company but also marks a new milestone for the company and the global crypto space.

According to the blog post, UNUS SED LEO is designed to empower the Bitfinex community by providing users with the opportunity to maximize the features of the platform. Users who are looking to maximize their experience on the platform will find this utility token especially helpful as it helps them to employ the output and capabilities of the platform at the maximum capacity.

To better improve its customer experience, the crypto exchange has extended this opportunity across a number of crypto coins. The UNUS SED LEO is made tradable against crypto coins such as Bitcoin(BTC)trade, EOS, Ethereum (ETH)trade, and USDT. The utility token is also designed to trade against the US dollar (USD).

This is yet another feather in the firm’s cap as its publicly proclaimed goal has always been to create a safe and efficient environment for crypto enthusiasts across the globe, although many would argue otherwise.

Concluding with a thank you note to partners, users, and the general public, the company made it known in its blog post that although this new mileage accomplished brings great joy to the firm, the exchange is by no slamming the brakes on its goals. It still remains committed to continuing to grow and develop core infrastructure for the growth of the firm and the entire crypto space.

“We remain invigorated and humbled by the support of our users, personnel, and beneficiaries, and welcome everyone to the era of UNUS SED LEO.”

Will Bitfinex and Tether manage to overcome their recent legal hurdles? It appears that at least the crypto community believes they will.

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