Ethereum Name Service Can Be Associated with .xyz Top-Level Domain

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is going through some rough patch lately: pundits call it “Shitcoin,” researches predict that it will stalemate, and its price is dropping even more than the recent plummet of the entire crypto market. But you got to give the credit to Ethereum’s developers – they keep on bringing new initiatives no matter what.

Nick Johnson, Editor of The Ethereum Name Service (ENS), has announced that now those who possess a .xyz top-level domain can connect it with their ENS. What does it actually mean, you might ask? Well…

This means that if you own a .xyz domain name (purchased through any DNS registrar), you’ll be able to claim the same name in ENS, and use it just like you would any .eth name — associate it with your wallet, use it to name smart contracts, create subdomains, and so forth.

Currently, easyDNS is the only domain registrar that enabled a semi-automatic option to enable the association of the .xyz domain with ENS, and it also published an easy step-by-step walkthrough. Users who would like to set up this connection as well under a different domain registrar can follow the instructions in Johnson’s article.

This is not the only ICANN-authorized top-level domain that Ethereum users can use instead of the hash identifier of their Ethereum asset; almost exactly a month ago, Ethereum launched an identical service with the .luxe top-level domain too. In addition, Johnson states that after a short period of trial and examination, the fellows of ENS intend to open this option with virtually all top-level domains.

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