Forum App Tapatalk Launches Digital Rewards System Based on EOS Crypto Technology

Tapatalk is all set to revolutionize micro-communities for the forum ecosystem by introducing a blockchain-based loyalty program that offers rewards in form of Gold Points, which would be integrated in a blockchain wallet to exchange the values between the users.

The leading mobile-first forum app Tapatalk has recently announced that their Gold Point reward system will leverage blockchain technology to embrace content monetization and improve the engagement incentives. The company has also introduced the blockchain powered Gold Point Wallet based on the EOS cryptocurrency platform that will allow the users to conduct all sort of micro-payments across the platform.

Tapatalk is forum-specific mobile app with two hundred thousand of micro-communities around 186 countries. These forums which are connected to Tapatalk have a combined user-base of a whopping 300 million. The Tapatalk mobile app helps forum owners to create a native app-like that is clean, easy-to-use; it offers an intuitive user interface (UI) to their users that not only helps them to connect with their favorite forums, but also improves their experience of creating and publishing content and receive push notifications right on their smartphone.

Tapatalk has introduced their loyalty program back in 2017 to Tapatalk groups with the aim of scaling the online communities, improving the users’ engagement, and refining the content quality. Based on the page views or ad impressions, the number of exclusive memberships, and donations received, the Gold Points are granted to forum administrators.

This loyalty program has put forum administrators on the advantage as nearly 80% of the Tapatalk group forums that receive donations from various sources are earning more than what they received from advertising. Tapatalk is on its way to utilize blockchain technology to enable these micro-economies to flourish in a safe, supportive and trusted environment.

Winter Wong, CEO of Tapatalk, stated:

“Blockchain integration is the natural next step for Tapatalk as we see many exciting ways this technology will deliver valuable monetization and reward opportunities for forum communities. We are proud to support forum owners in growing prosperous microeconomies in a trusted environment.”

The blockchain-integrated wallet is another initiative carried out by Tapatalk with the aim of using blockchain technology to create a more transparent forum ecosystem that enables the users to store the Gold Points and to make transactions across the platform for buying various digital goods. Gold Points can also be bought by users in order to donate to the forum administrators, remove ads and buy premium services.

Not only forum readers but also forum owners and administrators will benefit from the EOS-based wallet. It is surely a step forward to embrace the value of the forum ecosystem by creating a trusted infrastructure that flourishes the microeconomics.

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