France Takes Bitcoin and Blockchain Into the Official High School Curriculum

France and cryptocurrencies

Unless you have been living in an isolated cave, you must have heard the infamous quote that suggests cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin(BTC)trade is the future of currencies. If crypto is the future, then the question is – are we prepared for the future?

I guess this must be what France’s government thought of when it decided to introduce Bitcoin and blockchain at large as an everyday course in the National Education Curriculum. Although the French government made the big announcement some months ago, it is not until recently that it took the bold step and added a course on Bitcoin to its basic education curriculum.

France has always believed in the potential in crypto. In fact, over 25K retailers announced that they will begin accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment by next year. With everyone coming on board, it is time to educate its citizens on what Bitcoin is and prepare them adequately to interpret it as well as create use cases.

With the new course, French high schoolers can now gain basic understanding of how virtual currencies and blockchain work. According to the education ministry of France, the course covers three basic branches that answer critical questions such as “Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?” “Do you have trust in your currency?” and “Can Bitcoin replace the Euro?”

This move is essential to get them all prepped up for a future in which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies might play a big part. Although about 56% of top universities across the globe now offer courses on Bitcoin and blockchain at large, with this groundbreaking initiative, France will be the first country to officially list crypto in its national education system.

Anti-Libra, Pro-Crypto?

Personally, I believe this is a great step forward as it does not only show the trust France has with the crypto community but it also shows that they are ready to be a part of this new world. That is, as long as it is not being perceived as a threat to the French economy such as Facebook Libra.

Furthermore, as more and more businesses begin to adopt this new financial institution, the more crypto specialists are needed to help demystify the sophisticated world of cryptocurrency. In addition to that, a future with crypto and blockchain as a ‘norm’ would need experts who understand the sphere and can readily interpret it and create use cases as well.

You wouldn’t be wrong if you said France is already securing its seat on the table of crypto bosses. The question is who is next?

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