HTC Crypto Phone Now Features Additional dApps and can be Bought with Cash

Recent updates from HTC indicate that the HTC ‘Crypto Phone,’ which went out to the market in December, has been upgraded to a new version with additional crypto features and can now also be bought with cash, and not just with cryptocurrencies. The company plans to effect this change in March this year.

Among the new features of Exodus 1 are 20 new features which skirt through the crypto world and your everyday activities. The newly added features are aimed at giving users control over what happens in their world and this includes tracking and selling your own data directly to companies who need it, only with the user’s permission. Terrific, right?

In addition, HTC is partnering with Opera to give users the opportunity to make micropayments. Crypto users can now pay as low as 0.00002 ether through the browser.

Now, to the full details on each update.

HTC Exodus 1 Phone to be Sold in Cash, Not Just via Cryptocurrency

The HTC Exodus 1 Phone came out into the market in December after a two-month-window for preorders. Since then, the phone has been sold only via cryptocurrency. Come March 2019, the management is expanding its horizon to include cash purchases as well, broadening significantly its potential user-base. Interested customers can now pay for the HTC blockchain phone in cash. The price is slated at $699 in the United States.

HTC Adds About 20 New Features to its Blockchain Phone

Since its arrival at the market in 2018, its major blockchain-related features have been the crypto wallet and a unique key recovery system that allows users to store recovery details with friends. This feature was (and maybe still is) the holy grail at the time as it saves users the pain of losing ‘everything’ should the phone be lost or stolen.

While that was – and still is – a great feature, the new upgrade shows that HTC Exodus 1 can do so much better. The company has reportedly updated the phone to include about 20 new decentralized apps (dApps), which are stored in an independent app store.

Among these new dApps is the Numbers app that allows users to keep track of their data while sleeping, walking, driving, etc. The recorded data can now be sold directly to companies that are interested in such data. The app also gives you a list of activities you can track and the companies interested in such data. Besides having you control your own data and how it is being used, this app also helps to reduce car and health insurance. Having a good track record will definitely give you an extra bargaining chip with your insurance company.

HTC Partners with Opera to Enable Micropayments through Crypto

You will recall that Opera launched its own crypto wallet in the beta version of the web browser last year. Well, HTC is now joining forces with Opera to enable crypto users to make micropayments as low as 0.00002 ether without paying additional fees.

HTC’s Future Plans

Exodus 1 currently supports only Ethereum payment. The management of the company already revealed there are plans to add more crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Litecoin in the future.

Another anticipated move according to Phil Chen, the company’s chief decentralized officer, is to make each Exodus 1 phone a partial node on the blockchain. Of course, that will come later in the year.

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