IBM Secures a New Blockchain Patent to Advance Scientific Discovery and Study

IBM has been one of the earliest adopters of blockchain technology in the corporate tech sphere, and it appears that the company took a strategic decision to incorporate blockchain into its many different tentacles. One of the areas in which IBM demonstrates its reliance upon blockchain is the patent arena, where the company is already one of the global leaders.

Recently, IBM was granted another blockchain-focused patent for which the company initially filed in the middle of 2017. The patent itself, entitled “Blockchain for Open Scientific Research,” reveals the great importance that IBM ascribes to blockchain with regard to study.

From the patent’s abstract:

Techniques facilitating using a blockchain system that integrates the trustworthiness of the blockchain concept with open scientific research by generating a blockchain of the experiments formed, data collected, analyses performed, and results achieved are provided herein.

The patent would essentially enable blockchain developments that would allow rapid, easy and organized access to scientific data and research, which would be transparent and couldn’t be doctored. Although IBM is obviously very much a for-profit corporation and although blockchain initiatives that would be based on this patent could greatly contribute to IBM’s bottom line, it could also significantly contribute to impartial scientific discovery and progress. A transparent global platform from which scientific data and information could be gathered efficiently and with relative ease is paramount for technological advancement and quicker essential breakthroughs, to which researchers could also have access in due time.

IBM is already well into all sorts of blockchain-related endeavors in a variety of fields; for instance, the company released a blockchain-based payment system for banks, a blockchain-powered global food system, and politically the company lobbies for less blockchain regulations.

It is clear that IBM has set a technological future vision for itself in which one of its main ingredients is blockchain technology.

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