Jamaica Stock Exchange Creates a Secure Platform for Trading Virtual Assets

As this new class of virtual commodities tagged digital assets continues to gain traction towards the mainstream, more institutional players are seeing the need to embrace it rather than attack it. Digital assets, that were deemed unstable by many during their early days, have shown much more stability than excepted. This clears some of the doubts regarding whether or not these assets can stand the test of time.

Since many have come to the conclusion that they can no longer fight it, they can as well make it safer for the customers and investors’ own good. I guess this is the thought in many industry players’ heart today. To support that claim, you will notice newer and better blockchain-based platforms are rising by the day to help curb the regulatory issues of the crypto sphere.

A press release by the Canadian-based FinTech company named Blockstation stated that they have been in bed with the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) for quite a while now and are ready to unravel the result of their collaboration. According to the release, both partners contributed massively to the creation of a highly-regulated and secure platform for trading digital assets.

You will recall that Blockstation is one of the leading FinTech companies in the world. Through the platform, these tech companies are ready to supply their expertise in trading, clearing & settlement of security tokens and digital assets to the every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the crypto verse.

It is also worthy to note that the JSE is one of the largests – and in fact, elected the best performing in 2018 by Bloomberg – stock exchange market in the world. Teaming up with experts at Blockstation, JSE plan on providing even more for its clients.

Through this partnership, the JSE look to support international Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by providing them with an easy and regulated process for raising capital through security token offerings (STOs). In addition, SMEs will be able to enjoy a simple and cost-effective process for listing shares and other assets. They also plan on creating an all-inclusive, regulated market where institutions, as well as non-accredited investors, can gain uninterrupted access to the digital space.

As expected of any leading stock exchange market, JSE is using this medium to show the financial community that virtual assets and cryptocurrencies can be safely traded like any other asset with standard regulatory system.

As part of the new wave of solutions, the release stated that the JSE is preparing to launch a limited pilot to trade cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Interested investors are urged to reserve their seats here.

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