John McAfee’s New Defying Cryptocurrency: Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself (WHACKD)

John McAfee crypto

The famous (and infamous) computer programmer, businessman and now a prominent cryptocurrency commentator, John McAfee, has re-entered the crypto world by launching a new cryptocurrency called “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” with the subtle ticker name WHACKD.

The cryptocurrency project, WHACKD, is first of its kind and outshines John McAfee’s earliest eccentric projects. Revealed in a series of tweets, McAfee claims that nothing like WHACKD “has been seen before.” McAfee said that the recipient of one out of every 1000 transactions will lose the entire transaction. “The tokens are instead sent to the burn address. Also 10% of every transaction is sent to the burn address.”

part from the two features mentioned, no other information regarding the new digital token has been released yet.

Recently, the world was shocked to learn that the infamous sex trafficker and financier Jeffery Epstein had mysteriously committed suicide on 10th August 2019. While the actual reason behind his death remains unknown, many conspiracy theories have come forward to boggle our minds. The stance from the local U.S. administration, which the prisoner committed suicide, is hard to believe for many people who think that suicide seems an unlikely choice of action for such a high-profile prisoner.

Leaving no space for doubt, John McAfee has revealed his side of the story by releasing his newest digital token that partially bears the name of the deceased prisoner. The new token will be available for trade on McAfee DEX, a decentralized exchange developed by John McAfee himself. It has been live for a month and in the short period of its existence it has survived its first DDoS Attack that sought to halt the crypto exchange.

From ‘Top Cryptocurrency Picks’ to an Outlaw

John McAfee has been a popular figure in the crypto world. His finest moment was crystallized in 2017 when he released his ‘top cryptocurrency picks’ before canceling it. For the most part since then, he has been living in hiding with many reports indicating that he had been avoiding investigations of the United States government.

The veteran programmer openly accepted that he had been avoiding taxes because, according to him, “Taxation is illegal.” This could probably be one of the reasons why the U.S. government is after him.

The recent launch of the digital token shows his further entrenchment in the crypto world with a style that can only be attributed to him. It also sends out a clear statement that the government needs to provide better answers.

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