Johnny Depp Collaborates with a Crypto Platform to Produce Digital Content

Hollywood star Johnny Depp and a newly founded cryptocurrency platform called TaTaTu are working together in a new deal signed this week. TaTaTu is a social entertainment platform which is centrically linked to cryptocurrency. The idea was originally created and launched by TaTaTu’s founder, Andrea Lervolino.

The idea of this new partnership is to produce a film as well as a series of digital content under Depp’s Infinitum Nihil production company. Lervolino is a passionate advocate for cryptocurrency as well as heavily involved with AMBI media group and Monica Bacardi.

The two met working on a film called Waiting for the Barbarians; the film that stars Depp will be filming this month in Morocco. It is an adaptation of an award winning novel by JM Coetzee and it will also star Mark Rylance, Robert Pattison and more. TaTaTu will be a principle aspect of its production.

Depp remains a key collaborator in the process of getting this vision off the ground and with the end of democratized entertainment. He feels as though this new partnership with Andrea will lead to liberating collaboration with a progressive change to the entertainment industry.

TaTaTu has been up and running for the past 6 months. It has continued to make its own space within the entertainment industry. They have been working to also create a wide range of film and TV content. One of their featured projects before the feature film with Depp was a Lamborghini Biopic film with Alec Baldwin and Antonio Banderas. They also worked on an original documentary on Jeremy Renner. Jim Caviezel and Mira Sorvino also produced a film through the platform called The Sound of Freedom. TaTaTu has also been responsible for a documentary film by William Friedkin which is working under the title Friedkin Uncut.

The platform itself uses Liquid as a digital currency exchange and they pay creators and users in tokens. The token presale that the company had this past summer closed at $575 million giving them a solid evaluation compared to other crypto competitors.

This new partnership will likely spawn growth on both sides and the chance for Depp to produce a series of creative projects with the company. As the company continues to value it will likely continue to sign on with more creators in the future for a variety of new content that is free from traditional studio constraints, while additionally promoting cryptocurrency.

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