Kate Winslet Sues Scammers Using her Identity to Promote Crypto Fraud

Kate Winslet vs crypto scammers

Kate Winslet, an A-list Hollywood star, is the recent addition to a long list of popular figures who have experienced frauds committed in their names to promote crypto schemes.

Recently, the actress learned that some scammers on the internet were using her images to persuade users to invest in a Bitcoin scam. As soon as the facts were established, she spoke to her legal team and is now reportedly filing a lawsuit against the criminals.

The culprits had perpetrated an online scam that included posting a fake interview, seemingly by the BBC, with Winslet . In this bogus interview, Kate Winslet was supposedly pressing people to invest £300 by trading a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Code. The fraudulent story goes on to show that Kate Winslet as having said that she profits from a ‘wealth loophole.’

The fraudulent advertisement shows her besides a BBC logo where at one point she says, “What’s made me successful is jumping into new opportunities quickly – without any hesitation.” Later, she adds that the “Number 1 money-maker” way she has discovered so far is a new auto-trading cryptocurrency called the Bitcoin Code. All of these statements are, of course, completely fabricated.

Kate Winslet is a respectable actress in the Hollywood scene. Her career spans solid 25 years of film making. She has amassed a £36 million fortune by working in the industry and one of her most popular films of all times, Titanic, has earned more than $3 Billion in revenue. However, despite her extraordinary portfolio, the fake interview quoted her as saying, “It’s the single biggest opportunity I’ve seen in an entire lifetime to build a small fortune so fast.” Yeah, right…

The crypto scam enticed people to deposit £300 followed by another £50 to buy the software.

Immediate Denial of Involvement with the Crypto Scam

Kate Winslet’s spokesperson, upon learning about the scam, immediately rejected this promotion and any link it might have with the actress. He called out the criminals as “thieves” who wanted to use Kate Winslet’s popularity to lure hopeful investors into the cryptocurrency scam.

He further highlighted the fact that for some people to believe an all-round movie star such as Kate Winslet more than a financial expert on matters pertaining to investment opportunities in cryptocurrency is a dangerous reality.

Kate Winslet is not the first popular figure to become victim of such a fraudulent crypto campaign. Images of Hollywood figures are often photoshopped and stitched alongside descriptive enticing schemes that are inherently deceitful and are intended to levy financial losses on the victims. Preceded her, to name a few, William Shatner, Elon Musk, the prime minister of New Zealand and even Abu Dhabi’s crown prince.

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