LA Kings to Launch a Blockchain-Oriented Augmented Reality App

In a first-of-its-kind innovative idea, the LA Kings from the National Hockey League (NHL) has decided to change the game by introducing an authentication app which allows its customers to verify the authenticity of professional sports merchandise and memorabilia bought at their store or any other location.

The platform, dubbed Pro Exp’s AR Authentication, is built in two parts – blockchain technology and Augmented Reality (AR). Blockchain technology protects the integrity and safety of ownership data, and the augmented reality on the other hand is employed in the verification of the authenticity of sports merchandise such as gloves, jerseys, pucks, helmets, skates, sticks, etc. The app is designed with a multi-factor authentication system that only shows a product is authentic if all of its factors check. Should the product be found wanting even in one of these factors, such product would be considered unregistered.

As stated above, the LA Kings did this with the help of Pro Exp Media Inc. Together they hope to create a safe and convenient platform where customers can easily check if a Game-Used product is authentic (registered) or not. All registered products are programmed with an exclusive video message from Kings; thus, any product which does not read this message upon assessment is considered stolen or unregistered.

It is worthy to note that interested customers are required to download the AR Authentication App and verify their identity before going forward with verifying the merchandise. To verify sports merchandise, customers are required to place their smartphones just above the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) stickers. The merchandise is expected to give the installed message if it is actually authentic. Upon verification, customers are also given a hard-copy of the COA.

The app also incorporates features that allow existing customers to sell or gift their Game-Used Merchandise. They can do this by transferring their ownership through the AR app.

Commenting on the groundbreaking project, the Senior Vice President of Business Development and Brand Strategy, Jonathan Lowe, stressed that the importance of this initiative is to ensure a better protective measure for fans who have become their customers.

The Chief Executive Officer who also doubles as co-founder of Pro Exp Media Inc., Norm Lai, added that they are happy to be part of such an innovative project. Lai went further to comment on the advantage of using the app saying it will assure customers of the LA Kings of the authenticity of the merchandise they purchase both at the store and other sources.

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