Litecoin Further Enters the Sports Industry with Partnership with Glory Kickboxing

No matter which part of the world you go to, you will be able to find some dedicated sports fans. With the number of people who watch MMA games and UFC increasing rapidly, it would be a great time to introduce to all these fans a new form of payment system that uses cryptocurrency.

Due to the bear market conditions in the crypto world, all crypto projects are adding more functionalities and signing new partnerships in order to get ready for a bull run. Amongst the various partnerships that were formed in recent times, one of the most fascinating ones has to be the new partnership between the Litecoin Foundation and Glory.

What is Glory?

Glory is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sport just like the UFC, where competitors fight to victory inside a ring. Glory is a new MMA tournament that has started due to the sharp increase in the number of people who actually view these fights.

In order to stand out from its parent, UFC games, Glory has decided to partner with the Litecoin Foundation to make it possible for people to start paying for the tickets, as well as for various other merchandise on their website using cryptocurrency.

What does this partnership mean for the world?

Both Glory and Litecoin are fairly new in their respective industries. This makes their new partnership highly beneficial for both of these organizations as they can mutually benefit from the success of the other.

When the transaction speed on the Bitcoin network had slowed down during January 2018, Litecoin happened to be the most used cryptocurrency. Even after periods of very high usage, the transaction speed was not affected. Thus, it was seen as a perfect alternative payment method on the website. Additionally, the use of Litecoin to buy items on the Gloryshop website has its own set of perks. Thus, ensuring that more and more people start using this virtual currency for transactions on the website.

Mutual benefits from this partnership:

  1. Global audience: As Litecoin is a global cryptocurrency with hundreds of thousands of users, integrating Litecoin’s payment methods helps Glory to tap into its global audience, and helps the fighting game grow rapidly.
  2. Increase the usage of Litecoin: Every Litecoin payment on the website comes with its own perks, such as athlete meet and greet, arena backstage tour and much more. Thus, more people will begin to use Litecoin which will increase its demand and hence, its overall price. Additionally, Litecoin will also receive global recognition across all Glory tournaments and broadcast. Therefore, this partnership will help both these dynamic organizations to benefit from each other’s success.


For the Litecoin community, this is welcoming news as this will help to increase the demand of Litecoin once again. Additionally, with global recognition, many people will start using Litecoin on a daily basis. Due to its extremely fast processing speed, users will not be compromising on the payment experience either. Thus, the usage of Litecoin will increase, which will also facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in general.

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