Litecoin Payments Now Available on 40K US Stores via Flexa Network

Litecoin Rocket Flies

Flexa payment network now supports Litecoin (LTC)trade for payment at every Flexa-enabled merchant in the United States. Flexa was launched in the US seven weeks ago and Litecoin is going to be the the fifth cryptocurrency added to the Flexa network.

Recently, a number of partnerships have been announced which ultimately bring cryptocurrencies into mainstream use, allowing buyers and sellers to conduct business in crypto. Not only that but some of the largest organizations such as IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon are also building blockchain-based solutions and incorporating crypto payments. Some of the largest retailers and food chain operators such as Target, Digitech Galaxus, Kopitiam, Luxury brand conglomerate LVMH, various payment gateway operators, etc. are exploring the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Coming back to Flexa and LTC, Flexa is a new cryptocurrency payment network that allows the users to spend digital assets in real stores instantly. With cryptocurrencies, Flexa is building new digital payment infrastructure that brings merchants and consumers together in order to cut processing cost, eliminate fraud, and preserve users’ privacy. LTC, the younger brother of Bitcoin, is known for low transaction fees, quick transaction confirmation times, and an active community of avid supporters and payments enthusiasts.

Flexa, being the first instant cryptocurrency payment network, has direct PoS payment services at 39,250 stores across the United States. Supporting Litecoin will definitely be the turning point for the company as well as for LTC. In addition to that, mainstream uses of cryptocurrencies will also become more prevalent.

Bringing Crypto into the Mainstream

“I’m excited to see Flexa help push mainstream adoption of Litecoin payments,” said Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin, who announced the integration at the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei on Wednesday. “Being able to pay with LTC at all these new major merchants is great for the entire Litecoin community.”

Combined efforts of Flexa and the Litecoin Foundation will bring the company a step closer to its aim of building new payment infrastructure that not only bring the buyers and sellers together but also avail fast, secure, transparent, and fraud-resistant transactions and making any cryptocurrency spendable at any store.

“That’s why we’re so proud to partner with the Litecoin Foundation on bringing cryptocurrency payments into the mainstream,” reads Flexa’s official blog post.

Flexa has also introduced the SPEDN app for both Android and iOS platform, and it has invited users to experience the instant crypto transactions on Flexa network.

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