Multiple Fake Twitter Accounts of Elon Musk Push Crypto Scams

Beware Twitter scams using fake Elon Musk Accounts…

A series of new scams have recently emerged revolving around fake Elon musk accounts. It’s very likely that if you’ve been on Twitter recently, you may have encountered one of these fake accounts claiming to be Elon Musk. A number of these fake accounts have been directly copying his profile photo and information tweeting about cryptocurrency giveaways and more.

Users who are changing their display names to Elon Musk are very quickly being banned from Twitter in efforts to reduce the chances that people may get scammed. If you happen to see a giveaway in your timeline it’s very important to take a close look at the Twitter handle.

Even trusting a verified account could put you at risk. There are hackers across the world that are preying upon these verified accounts and changing their name to Elon Musk after hacking into the profile. By quickly changing over the information and masking their account to look exactly like Elon Musk, they even go about crafting mentions and making the page look identical to his own. After building up the profile they send out links to the cryptocurrency scams posed as a giveaway that will send people directly to the offering in which users will be manipulatively forced to send digital currency to the scammer on the promise that they’ll get even more back.

Many of the account holders are finding it difficult to gain access to their account after control is taken over by these hackers. Pathe, a publishing company in the UK had their account completely taken over and it took several days for them to regain control of their account. After becoming victim of the hack they had to go through and delete all of the previous tweets and release a statement on their account.

It’s important to watch out for these cryptocurrency scams and to be mindful of any giveaway that occurs over social media. If you ever find yourself following a link that seems suspicious or following information on some type of Twitter scam, you may want to consider simply abstaining on an opportunity that you may receive in this format. Twitter scams are fairly consistent with cryptocurrency even over accounts which are verified. Being proactive and abstaining from following these links or agreeing to a giveaway like this one can help to prevent yourself from being exposed to malicious activity.

It’s likely that this scam will continue for some time but Twitter is working to make things very difficult for impersonators and their account access.

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