No, William Shatner Does NOT Award Free Ethereum

It sounds like a dream – nay, a fantasy – William Shatner, Captain Kirk himself, hands out free (FREE!) cryptocurrency coins! Doesn’t it seem so wonderful? Magical? Uncanny? Almost too good to be true? Well, it’s probably because… it is.

Of course William Shatner doesn’t reward free Ether! It’s just another crypto scam; one of way too many out there which target unsuspecting and unconversant people (to be fair, when it comes to crypto most people are quite uninformed).

Recently, several fake Twitter accounts under the name of William Shatner cropped up, pushing aggressively an alleged crypto giveaway. The faux-Shatners proclaim to distribute 10,000 ETH to participants (/victims) who “only” need to submit 0.2 to 20 ETH in order to “verify” their accounts, and thereafter supposedly receive a tenfold return. The scammers spice up their con with excessive time-urgency messages (“You may want to hurry,” “Don’t miss it!”) so people would refrain from conducting any due diligence that might uncover the sinister nature behind the scheme.

One of the folks who actually caught the scam early on and decided to warn his social media followers about it was… William Shatner. Yes, the real one this time.

Even though Shatner is not the first – and in all likelihood, not the last – renowned figure whose acclaim is being exploited for criminal purposes in the crypto world, it does appear that he was picked by the fraudsters because of his recent association with Solar Alliance, a company that aims to reduce the carbon footprint of Bitcoin mining. Due to his role as a spokesperson for a company that operates in the crypto arena, it would make more sense that Shatner is involved in other crypto ventures too – a rationale that swindlers crookedly employ.

Crypto is still an unfamiliar and mysterious field for most people; but as it is the same case with more well-known spheres, you should always be wary and thorough when someone asks for your money, no matter how famous he/she is.

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