Opera Brings Touch to iOS with Built-In Crypto Wallet and DApps Support

One of the most popular web browsers, Opera, has recently rolled out their Opera Touch for iOS with built-in Crypto Wallet and Web 3.0 browsing functionalities, and support for Ethereum decentralized apps (or DApps).

Opera Touch for iOS is a result of tremendous demand from the Ethereum community members who wanted to have a seamless Web 3.0 experience without glitches. Opera Touch for iOS will soon be available to the public, and users can get their hands on Opera Touch for early testing of its crypto wallet and dApp explorer functionalities. The company’s official blog has already started inviting users to sign up and contribute to the product’s upcoming public testing phase.

Opera has already introduced the built-in crypto wallet and Web 3.0 functionalities in Opera for Android back in December 2018. The crypto wallet for Android was definitely a huge success and that’s what paved the path for the launch of the same product for iOS.

As a part for their strategic expansion and providing a hassle-free Web 3.0 experience, Opera has finally decided to launch the iOS version of its Android counterpart with enhanced design and similar crypto functionalities. Similar to Opera’s Android version, the crypto wallet will be fully integrated into the Opera Touch browser along with other functionalities that might not be present in Opera for Android.

Opera said on its official blog that number of obstacles – i.e. lack of easy-to-use solutions for crypto), the necessity of installing separate apps to browse Web 3.0 and difficulty of obtaining cryptocurrencies – are preventing users from adopting crypto and accessing Web 3.0 functionalities. With Opera Touch for iOS and Opera for Android, the company is all set to eliminate the aforementioned hurdles.

Talking about some of the exclusive features of Opera Touch, it is a perfect blend of intelligent design and state of the art technology. The ‘My Flow’ function of the Opera Touch allows the user to sync data on multiple devices. The recently introduced ‘Private Mode’ feature of the Opera Touch let the users browse anonymously and privately. They have also introduced cookie dialog blocker that will block the frustrating ‘Accept cookies’ pop-ups coming to your screen.

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