Opera Update! Send and Receive Cryptokitties and Other Collectibles via the Built-In Crypto Wallet

True, much has been said on Opera browser integrates built-in crypto wallet but we can’t seem to get enough as Opera has taken the feature up a notch by equipping it with the ability to send Cryptokitties and other collectibles.

As a new member in the world of cryptocurrency, Opera is breaking new grounds to ensure it leaves a mark in the sands of the crypto-world.

A few months ago, July 2018, the Norwegian-based company integrated a crypto wallet into its browser and before we could wean ourselves over that it was set to bring crypto wallets to desktop browsers too. Opera is definitely here to stay! Welcome to the crypto-world, Opera!

And now the management has taken it a step further by furnishing the built-in crypto wallet with two unique features – transaction notifications and the ability to transfer crypto-collectibles such as Cryptokitties, baseball cards, etc. (examples of non-fungible tokens or unique tokens) between wallets, which are aimed at improving the user experience of Web3 dApps and crypto-payments on the web.

As opposed to the traditional method of visiting a digital marketplace to trade crypto-collectibles, Opera prides itself as being the first application to allow users to send crypto-collectibles directly from one wallet to another just like sending money through Venmo in the United States.

Transaction notification, which is the other half of the two newly added features, allows users to get notifications on the status of their transaction as soon as such transactions are made. Finally!

Before now, users are to wait until their transactions are completed before getting an idea of the status. This has been a major drawback in the blockchain space as uncertainty sometimes leads to fear.

Thankfully, our long-awaited solution is right on our phones and desktops. With this new feature, you can easily track your transactions from the very second you made them to the point of completion. You are just a click away from each notification! Amazing, I must confess.

According to the management, the upgrade stems from the obvious need to move our collection of things online even as a greater portion of our lives has been moved online already.

This is yet another addition to the tons of benefits that blockchain technology provides its user with. And we are certain this is one of many more to come.

For those who are yet to get their Opera for Android with crypto wallet, please visit the website at www.opera.com/crypto to get your invitation test. Enjoy!

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