Parents Ask for Bitcoin Donations to Newborn Baby’s College Fund in Newspaper Ad

A lot of parents set aside each month a little money for their children’s college fund, and many are doing so from very early on of their child’s infancy. But very few are asking for donations for their newborn’s future education, even less so in a public media outlet, and only one couple to date has done so via cryptocurrency.

On January 6th, 2019, Izabella Anna Bowles was born. Shortly thereafter, her full name was already in print in The Times as part of an ad that her parents had issued, seeking cryptocurrency donations for the future education of the little “Bitcoin Baby.” The ad stated the following:


On 6th January 2019 to Wioletta (nee Witek) and Peter, a daughter, Izabella Anna Bowles, sister to Philip. Weighed 2.2kg.

Bitcoin College fund: 1ZAB5XeKMdvax2S8eZT7GQ6Nj4xjbsw1Y

According to public Bitcoin address of Izabella’s college fund, at press time there were already 274 transactions on that address, accumulating 1.07646237 BTC in the approximate worth of almost $4,000. Although the average university tuition in the U.K. is nearly $7,000 a year, that’s still a nice haul for baby Izabella in just a short while.

Most reactions to the ad of the Bitcoin Baby have been supportive and playful. One astute commentator on Reddit has noted about Izabella’s Bitcoin college fund that “[a]lready more that one bitcoin donated. At this rate, she won’t have to go to college…”

With the current volatility and unpredictability of Bitcoin, this comment has equal chances of being a joke or a prophecy.

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