Rapper Soulja Boy Features Cryptocurrency in his New Single “Bitcoin”

Man, this going crazy this cryptocurrency, man…

There were already a number of notable references to crypto and Bitcoin in the music industry, but it’s difficult recall one whole song by a relatively prominent artist completely dedicated to any aspect of cryptocurrency. That is, until now.

Soulja Boy, the young distinguished rapper (an also full of controversies) who was nominated for a Grammy in 2008, released a new single from his album “Young Drako” which is fully devoted – and also carries the name – of the largest cryptocurrency in the market: “Bitcoin.”

The song’s lyrics are quite straightforward and don’t necessitate any deep dive into a profound search for deep meaning or nuances; here’s the song’s chorus, so you could judge for yourself:

I made 100 racks off of Bitcoin (bit)
You can catch me trapping with the Bitcoin (bit)
You can catch me running up the Bitcoin (yeah)
I spent 6,000 on the Bitcoin
Bitcoin, Bitcoin, I got big coins, big coins (yeah)
Big coins, I got big coins
I spent 6,000 on a Bitcoin (on a Bitcoin)
I made 100 racks off of Bitcoin

For those of you who need an urban dictionary, a rack equals $1,000, and therefore Soulja Boy essentially brags here that he made $100,000 (100 racks) out of an initial investment of $6,000. Not a bad haul.

Even though Soulja Boy does feature Bitcoin in an unprecedentedly conspicuous fashion, he is hardly the first artist to give prominence to the popular digital currency; among others, he was preceded by RiceGum’s “Bitcoin,” Lil Windex’s “Bitcoin Ca$h,” Remy’s “Bitcoin Billionaire” and ytcracker’s “Bitcoin Baron.”

The most famous reference to Bitcoin in a song, though, is made in the song “Not Alike” by the already-legendary rapper Eminem who warbles, “’Member everybody used to bite Nickel / Now everybody doin’ Bitcoin” – which actually does withhold several layers of meaning.

Anyway, here’s “Bitcoin” by Soulja Boy: