Real News: The Associated Press Collaborates with Blockchain-Based Startup Civil to Distribute Content

It is no secret that in today’s world, journalism is plagued with numerous problems: plagiarism, amateurism, superficiality, fake news, paranoia of “fake news,” Sean Hannity, etc. In this sort of toxic journalistic climate, there’s a dire need for an innovation that will push this industry forward. And along came blockchain…

The distinguished non-profit news agency, the Associated Press (AP), and the blockchain startup, Civil Media Company, have announced on a new collaboration which will allow AP to easily license and distribute its content by wielding Civil’s blockchain-based technology. Matt Coolidge, Civil’s co-founder, elaborates more on the technological benefits of the collaboration:

Proven authorship and ownership — Who took this photograph and who owns the rights to it.

Smart contract licensing terms — Automatically enforceable entitlements and term length along with improved usage tracking across the web.

Incentives for ethical behavior — Civil’s Constitution, or code of conduct, is designed to reward quality content and discourse in the community as it grows.

All of these aspects seem extremely exciting and even necessary; but ultimately, it all depends on the implementation and execution in practice. The idea is that through Civil’s platform, AP will rapidly and seamlessly deliver its content to licensed newsroom and will also be able to track the content all over the web.

As part of the deal, AP will additionally receive Civil’s official digital currency, CVL tokens; on September 18, Civil will launch its initial coin offering (ICO) in which investors will be able to acquire CVL tokens as well. Civil states that soon it will reveal more “significant partnerships with additional media organizations” which, after this current partnership with AP, certainly sounds promising.

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