Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Urges the U.S. Government to Utilize Blockchain Technology

On Tuesday, March 12, Kevin McCarthy, the Republican Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, has put his thoughts on utilizing the blockchain technology to make the U.S. Congress a more effective, efficient and transparent place.

Presenting his views on advancing the issue in Congress, McCarthy stated:

“As technology continues to change our life, let’s make sure Congress has the same ability to do it … to make this place more effective, more efficient, and most importantly more accountable.”

McCarthy first joined the U.S. House of Representatives in 2007, serving as House Majority Leader from 2014 to 2019. Later at the beginning of the year 2019, he has started serving as House Minority Leader.

Speaking in front of the Select Committee for Modernization of Congress, McCarthy said that blockchain technology has the potential to add another level of security to the current financial infrastructure and can also bring improved transparency to Congress’s own legislative process. “Blockchain is changing and revolutionizing the security of the financial industry,”
Kevin McCarthy said. “Why would we wait around and why wouldn’t we institute blockchain on our own, to be able to check the technology but also the transparency of our own legislative process?”

To prove his points on embracing blockchain, he pointed out to a couple of examples of how Congress used some of the most innovative technologies of the 21st century through passing new legislation in the past that made the government process not only more convenient and friendly but also more accountable.

He talked about the first bill that was signed in the last Congress was called the TALENT Act (Tested Ability to Leverage Exceptional National Talent Act), Bug Bounty for the Department of Homeland Security and the Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses Act (or simply VET ACT).

It isn’t the first time that Kevin McCarthy urged to embrace blockchain technology or that U.S. representatives attempted to push it forward. in July 2018, McCarthy, along with a group of U.S. lawmakers, have also launched a blockchain pilot as part of countless efforts to tackle contagious fungal diseases.

“What I’m looking for,” McCarthy concluded, “is building greater confidence in the institution that we have – utilizing the 21st-century technology to make us more customer friendly but at the same time give us greater information that can hold us accountable in this process.”

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