Ripple Partners with Chinese University to Offer Blockchain Research Scholarship Program

Ripple (XRP)trade is collaborating with the Chinese university Tsinghua University to launch a Blockchain Technology Research Scholarship Program (BRSP) for graduate students in China in 2019.

This is an encouraging step by Ripple, which could have a big ripple effect (ha). Academic research and experimentation paves way for new and exciting developments that can be industrialized and bring progress in the field. Currently, blockchain technology is still in its infancy in many ways. It needs all sorts of initiatives from the big companies in the field to support research and development. There are many ways that blockchain can benefit from programs like this.

The announcement by Ripple states that the BRSP will focus on international regulatory policies and the development of blockchain technology. Students admitted to the program will be involved in cutting edge research on global regulations and policies on blockchain technology. The program also promises opportunities for students to participate in corporate visits and events.

Ivy Gao, Director of International Cooperation and Development, at Tsinghua University said:

“BRSP aims to help students have a comprehensive view of the latest international regulations on blockchain technology, and most importantly, I believe, this program would greatly help with their future research or career in the field of blockchain technology.”

This is not a first for Ripple as the company has been collaborating with universities across the world with hopes of supporting and accelerating academic research. This research and help overcome the current pitfalls of blockchain technology including protection against attacks that use the blockchain’s structure to the hackers benefit such as 51% attacks. The research is also going to be helpful with improving the privacy of the blockchain network. Allowing two parties to carry out transactions without revealing each other’s transaction history to each other.

Ripple has had several high-profile collaborations over the past few months, for instance with Bill Clinton and Madonna. It seems that Ripple invests in its marketing efforts almost as much as it invest in its own technology.

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