Ripple Xpring Celebrates Partnership with Over 20 Companies and $500M Investment

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Ripple’s ecosystem initiative, Xpring, took to its blog section to celebrate the success achieved in the journey so far. The initiative, which started over a year ago, is built on the daring foundation of revolutionizing the financial world and creating the Internet of Value.

Under the parent umbrella of Ripple and XRP, Xpring has been able to achieve huge success in this time. The initiative works by teaming up developers with entrepreneurs who share the same vision as XRP to scale up the crypto world through the XRP ecosystem, with an ultimate goal to enable the Internet of Value and revamp the global financial system.

To this end, Xpring started out by collaborating with just two partners and today it boasts a partnership with over 20 companies. This partnership is made up of independent developers, companies, as well as entrepreneurs who share the same vision with Xpring.

Xpring disclosed in the blog post that it has spent about $500 million in the project so far. A strong start, I must confess.

In the journey so far, Xpring has spread its initiative to focus on two major areas including helping innovative blockchain projects grow through investment & partnership, and building the best crypto infrastructure by promoting open source crypto protocols such as Interledger projects and XRP ledger.

Through the Xpring initiative, they have been able to scale up the XRP ecosystem by partnering with developers who are willing to create practical use cases for their crypto coin XRP. Developers on the XRP ledger and Interledger protocols are supplied with all the resources they need for smooth running such as libraries, tools, and services.

Ripple Xpring Looking at the Crypto Horizon

I can say unabashedly that the project has been a huge success so far. Xpring has caused a substantial amount of change in the crypto ecosystem through some of its projects such as the Bolt Labs, Securitize, Dharma, and Wietse Wind’s XRPL Labs. All of these projects are channeled towards upgrading the financial world through cryptocurrency and building the Internet of Value.

Going forward, Xpring assures the public that it isn’t deviating from its primary goal. In fact, its major focus is spread across three areas which include interoperability of the crypto world, further building the XRP ledger, and investing in new decentralized financial projects.

It has been a great year for Xpring and it is still going strong!

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