Ripple Xpring Launches Developer Platform to Bring Money to the Internet

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New exciting development in the crypto world: the investment and partnership arm of Ripple, Xpring, has created a safe space to trade money faster and better.

The platform, simply referred to as ‘Ripple’s Developer Platform,’ is designed to help developers easily create use cases for the cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP)trade – Ripple’s native crypto coin.

Ethan Beard, Xpring senior Vice President, explains:

“Xpring is designed to remove the pain of integrating money into apps – whether it’s US dollars, Philippine pesos, XRP, ETH or any currency. Xpring builds on open source, open protocols and open networks making easy for the 23 million developers worldwide to enable payments in their products and services.”

Ripple made it clear that the platform designed as the ‘internet of value’ is open to every developer, not just crypto developers. The goal is to facilitate easy and faster transfer of money (both fiat and virtual currencies), without having to bear the pain of integrating money into apps.

“At Ripple our vision is to enable the Internet of Value, a world where money moves as quickly and easily as information does today,” Beard stated.

Why Internet for Value?

Elaborating on how the crypto project came to be, Beard asserted that they have partnered with over 20 companies in the last year, and have spent over $500 million on the projects.

“During those conversations, and as we started working closely with our partners, it became clear that they were looking for more than just investments.” He said. Additionally, “to support the growth and the development of the XRP ecosystem, we really needed to make it easier to build with these technologies and allow our customers and our partners to focus on solving real world customer problems.”

New Crypto-Based Digital Payment System

Xpring is widely known for its vast interest in scaling the global crypto community and bolstering the acceptance of this new digital payment system. Besides creating a secure global payment network, RippleNet, the crypto big shot has empowered several organizations and individuals who – in their words – share the same goal and interest as them.

This just further proves their commitment to creating a better world for everyone. Creating an Internet of Value has to be their biggest project thus far. And I believe it will cause a huge impact just as Amazon Web Services does.

The crypto project, currently dubbed Ripple’s Developer Platform, was launched on October 2nd and we are pumped to see how much change it can brings to both the global crypto industry and the traditional financial world.

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