Samsung Galaxy S10 is Confirmed to Come with Crypto Key Store Functionality

Every year, there is a lot of hype surrounding the release of new Samsung flagship devices. These devices are set with the best possible specs that money could buy. With Samsung currently ruling almost the entire mobile market, the release of its new Samsung Galaxy S10 device has been welcomed by the masses.

In the recent Unpacked event, Samsung unveiled its latest flagship device, and it packs a punch when it comes to the amazing looks of the device. There were a few leaked images of the S10 device in the past where we could see the presence of their all-new Keystore wallet. However, Samsung never confirmed its entry into the crypto world; many crypto enthusiasts were awaiting the release of this device.

Now, in the event, Samsung also showed the presence of the hardware-backed Keystore wallet which is a haven for all your cryptocurrency private keys. Samsung’s entrance into the crypto market could not have come in a better time. As the crypto market has started to regain its bullish momentum, this support shown by a reputed company such as Samsung will undoubtedly make more people try cryptocurrencies out.

As these Samsung devices are going to be used by millions of users around the world, some users are going to start using the new Keystore wallet feature as well. As this is a hardware-backed wallet, it is extremely secure. Though, its security features are yet to be compared with the likes of the dedicated hardware wallets such as the Ledger nano S and Trezor.

The new crypto wallet that has been supported by Samsung is going to allow users to make transactions directly from their mobile devices without having to use any additional wallet apps. As it is the official wallet released by Samsung and the fact that it is hardware backed, you can expect the security features on this device to be very good.

How will this help the crypto world?

Even though the wallet app is currently available only on the Galaxy S10, it will soon be available on some other Samsung devices; thus, bringing in more users into the crypto space. This will eventually lead to an overall increase in the demand for the cryptocurrency, and consequently, the markets might just return to the bullish trend that all of us love to see.

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